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Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

Provides coverage for the expenses not paid by Medicare.  Currently Medicare only covers a maximum of 80% A Medicare supplement plan can help cover the other 20% and your hospital deductible (1,360.00)  

Dental Vision and Hearing Plans

Provides coverage for Dental, Vision and Hearing aid expenses.  Most plans start around 32.00 per month.  

Cancer Policies

Provides cash benefit in the event you are diagnosed with cancer. Medicare and a supplement plan will cover the majority of any cancer treatment.  However a cancer policy can help pay day to day expenses or help cover drug costs. (Many cancer drugs are very expensive even if you have a Part D drug plan.)  

Medicare Part D (drug coverage)

Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage. We will help you find they best plan available. Every drug plan has a different price structure with each pharmacy and drug prices can vary greatly.  (This service is only available to our current clients.)  

Medicare Advantage (Part C)

Combines Part A, Part B and usually Part D.  These plans are administered by private insurance companies contracted with Medicare and may cover extra benefits not provide under original Medicare.